Course curriculum

  • 1


    • A Girl's Guide to Election Security

    • Welcome to Girl Security's Election Security Guide

    • Meet Your Election Security Mentors

    • Why Election Security?

    • What do you know about election security?

    • Are You Ready to Vote This Fall? Hear from Jenny Flanagan, Voting Rights Expert

    • Step By Step: Using the Girl Security "SEA" Model

  • 2

    Secure: Securing with Information

    • Securing with Information

    • Framing National Security and Election Security

    • National Security 101

    • Introduction to Disinformation

    • The Harm of Disinformation in the time of COVID-19 with Bonnie Jenkins

    • Why is Disinformation a National Security Threat?

    • Election Security 101

    • How People of Color Are Uniquely Impacted by Disinformation and Election Security

    • How Does Disinformation Target Communities of Color?

    • Test your disinformation Knowledge

  • 3

    Empower: Empower with Training

    • Empowering with Training

    • Disinformation Tactics

    • Ever Seen a Deepfake?

    • Disinformation Worksheet: Bits N' Bytes Cybersecurity Education

    • Disinformation Worksheet Reflection Questions

    • Disinformation Worksheet Answersheet: Bits N' Bytes Cybersecurity Education

    • Girls2Security Worksheet

    • Finding Disinformation and Protecting Yourself with Lisa Kaplan, Founder of Alethea Group

    • Are you ready to play Verify?

    • Verify Game Continued

    • How can we VERIFY in the future?

    • Verify Game (printable version)

    • Types of Disinformation & How It Affects Us

  • 4

    Advance: Advance with Resources

    • Advancing with Resources

    • How Do You Report Disinformation?

    • Your Cybersecurity = Your Protection (Resources for Personal Cybersecurity)

    • Girl Security Resources

    • Careers In National Security

    • Managing Self-Doubt Resource

    • Ready, get set, VOTE!

    • Election Security Resources

    • Learn More About Marginalized Communities in National Security

    • Disinformation & Cybersecurity Resources

    • End-Of-Guide Survey